Vanessa's 2022 Getaway



Join Vanessa on the beautiful Carnival Mardi Gras!

September 24, 2022 - for a 7 night cruise getaway.


Agent contact info:    Vanessa Holland -  - (321) 400-3760






Our group rates are locked in and will stay the same as long as we have cabins available. The full deposit amount is $250 per person - which will allow us to choose the best available cabin for you. Our group rate, comes with a fully refundable deposit, until ~3 months before the sail date.

We are accepting $200 per couple to reserve a cabin type (e.g. ocean view, balcony) at our locked-in group rate.  With the full $500 per couple deposit due within 3 months. Once we get to the full deposit, we will choose the best stateroom available. This is why you want to pay the full deposit ASAP, to be in a good location on the ship.

You can make payments through May of 2022.

Cabin Type

Base Price
Per Person

Tax & Fees
Per Person

Total Cabin Price
For 2 People

Cabin Size
8B - Standard Balcony (higher deck) $904 $128.74 $2,065.48 185 sq ft plus balcony
6M - Deluxe Family Ocean View     Call for pricing 230 sq ft
4C - Interior - contact for pricing     Call for pricing 185 sq ft

Travel Protection

Ash Travel recommends travel protection. For this cruise, without airfare, we recommend using Carnival's vacation protection. This is an optional purchase and can be taken or declined on a per cabin basis. The price is $79 to $109 per person, (inside thru balcony) depending on the price of your stateroom.(price subject to change)

  • Carnival travel protection offers:
    • Full cash refund for cancellation due to an emergency or medical reason
    • 75% future cruise credit for any non-covered cancellation.
    • Emergency medical care on the ship and in the ports.

If you are flying in, and want your air cost also covered, we recommend Allianz Global insurance. 

  • Allianz travel protection offers:
    • Full medical and emergency coverage from the time you leave home until you return home.
    • Full cash refund for cancellation due to any covered reason
    • Kids free
    • Pre-existing condition coverage when purchased within 14 days of deposit date. (this is available at final payment with a little higher rate)

The cruise line does not cover cancellation due to a problem with a pre-existing condition, but, you would get a 75% future cruise credit.  Contact us for more details.

COVID Travel policy (as of July 28, 2022)

In consultation with our medical experts, we’ve determined that by operating to meet the standards for a 95% vaccinated cruise, Carnival is able to provide the optimal guest experience while at the same time protect the health and safety of our guests, crew and the communities we visit. Until further notice, all our operations will meet this standard. We realize that this may not work for all guests, especially for the many families we love to sail. But for the time being, this is the best way for us to successfully restart our operations and maintain the confidence of the destinations that we visit, so we can deliver on our itineraries and guest experience.

Vaccinated cruises are available for guests who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to embarkation day and have proof of vaccination. You will also need to provide proof of vaccination at the terminal in advance of boarding, as follows:

  • Guests must bring their original vaccination record issued by the country’s health authority that administered the vaccination (i.e., U.S. CDC's Vaccination Record Card). Copies or photos are not accepted.
  • The name and birth date on the vaccination card must match the guest’s travel documents and show the guest is fully vaccinated. Vaccine type, dates administered, and lot numbers must be clearly visible. Vaccination dates must indicate the guest has completed the required doses no later than 14 days prior to the sailing date.
  • Alternatively, guests may present a digital COVID-19 Certificate (QR code acceptable) and a record of COVID-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider (original digital email accepted), personal electronic health record or government Immunization Information System record.

Drink packages

With Carnival, if one passenger in a cabin wants to purchase an alcohol package, other adult passengers in the same cabin also have to purchase the package.

Gratuities (Tips)

Gratuities for this sailing are $97.93 per person ($13.99pp per day). Gratuities on suites are higher (ask for details). Carnival will add them to your room key account. Or, at any time before the cruise, we can add a payment to your credit card to cover the gratuities. Some clients do this because they don’t want to see that expense a month after the cruise on their credit card bill.

Other Common Q & A


Q:  Do I have to have a passport to go on this cruise?

A:  No. As long as you return on the same cruise ship to the same U.S. port, you can use your driver’s license and birth certificate. The cruise industry recommends a passport in case your trip gets interrupted while at a non-U.S. destination, requiring you to get other transportation back to the U.S.   If your last name does not match on the two documents above, you need to bring additional documents, such as a marriage certificate, as proof of legal name. Children under 16 just need birth certificate and be traveling with parent.


Q:  Why purchase Cruise Protection? (Insurance)

A:  Your personal health insurance policy may not work well, or at all, in other countries. Along with cancellation coverage, cruise protection will cover the cost of emergency medical care on the ship or in the cruise ports. If an emergency interrupts your trip, it will cover the cost of getting back home other than on the ship. If we add Royal’s policy to your booking, it will be with your final payment. PLUS for now, with the Pandemic still changing day to day, you don't need to approach your sail date without being protected.


Q:  Does everyone in my cabin have to purchase a drink package if I want to?

A: Yes - If an alcohol package is purchased, each adult in the cabin has to purchase a drink package. If the other adult(s) can't drink alcohol, for medical or other reasons, you can call Carnival and see if they can purchase a non-alcohol packager.


Q:  What is the dress code?

A:  The café requires a cover up and shoes, at a minimum. For breakfast and lunch, shorts are acceptable in the main dining room. For dinner, we suggest Dockers & Polo shirt/golf shirt or better for men, and slacks and blouse or dress for women. Nice jeans with a nice blouse or shirt could work. One night on your cruise will be the Captain’s Dinner, also known as Elegant Night. The menu is a little better and you will have a chance to dress up and have pictures taken. There will be a dozen or so photo ops set up around the ship. There is no cost to have pictures taken; you can purchase if you choose. Even if you don’t want to bring a jacket or cocktail dress, you can dress nicely and go to the Captain’s Dinner, dine in a specialty restaurant, or dine in the café.


Q:  How much luggage can I bring?

A:  Two bags per person is the suggested limit. We have taken more than this with no complaints from anyone.


Q:  Can I bring drinks/alcohol on the ship?

A:  Each adult can bring one bottle of wine or champagne in their carry-on luggage. The rules state: you can't bring liquor, beer, bottles of water or soda with your carry-on bags or in your checked bags. Carnival will allow a small amount of can drinks, like soda, in/with your carry-on bags. The cruise lines are checking more bags than in the past and confiscating excessive soda, bottled water, and bottles of alcohol. We hear stories of how some people get booze aboard, but we always point out that the fine print states that if you are caught trying to take items onboard that are forbidden, the cruise line can deny you passage on the cruise. We have heard of many bottles being confiscated, but never heard of them not letting you cruise, if you were caught. If it happens, we can say "We told you so".


Q:  What if I require a special diet?

A:  We will state your requirements on your booking, and your waiter will be aware of this and take care of you.


Q:  Do I have to pay for food and drinks?

A:  You will find plenty of good food onboard that will be at no charge. There are some specialty dining restaurants that charge an additional cost of ~$30pp. Pizza is available almost any time of the day or night. You will find milk, tea, water, coffee, and some kind of punch/lemonade available at no charge. Sodas, orange juice, and bar drinks will be at an additional charge.


Q:  Is there a cost for room service and what can I order?

A:  Room service is no charge from 6am to 10pm. (a small fee after 10pm). There is a nice selection on the menu. We recommend tips for room service: $1 – $2 during the day and $3 – $4 after 10pm.


Q:  Is there a charge for shows?

A:  There is no charge for any entertainment on cruise ships. You will have much to choose from. Comedy shows, Vegas style song & dance, piano bar, live audience game shows, pool side shows and activities, movies on a 22' screen pool side, and more are included.


Q:  How do I book a shore excursion?

A:  Closer to cruise date, you can book online with the cruise line. We can answer questions about excursions, and if needed, we can help you book them.


Q:  What if i don’t have a roommate?

A:  We can book a cabin with a second name and change the second name with no problem until a week before the sail date. For the best rate, go ahead and book your cruise with you and 'Mr/Mrs Smith' traveling with you. Pay the deposit and work on a roommate for now. When your new roommate pays their deposit, we will apply the full amount you paid to your name on the booking. If you travel solo, you will pay double the base rate, only saving the taxes for the second person.


Q:  Can we add a 3rd/4th person to our cabin?

A:  Yes. When we book a cabin for 2, we may use a cabin that only holds 2 passengers and is less expensive than a category that is the same size, but has a pull down bed.  To add a 3rd/4th person, we may have to move you to a different cabin (that will hold up to 4) and the cost on the first two is a little more, but the cost on the 3rd/4th could be $100+ less. When we average this out, everyone in the cabin pays less. This may not be the case if you deposit on a cabin now, and want to add another person later. Remember – the rooms are small, but the bathroom gets very small when 4 adults need to shower and get ready for dinner at the same time.


Q:  What can I purchase on the ship and how do I pay for it?

A: When you do your online check-in, you will enter the credit card that will be used for all purchases on the ship. You will purchase items (gifts, drinks, excursions, etc.) using your room key. You can go to the service desk at anytime to see the details/balance of your onboard account. During the cruise you can have the cruise line apply a cash or credit card payment to your room account. Most commonly, guests will leave the ship without doing anything and the cruise line will apply the charges to your card after the cruise. On the last night of the cruise, each cabin will be given a printout of the charges to review. So, if you review this and see no problem, just allow Royal to charge your card on file and don’t worry about it.


As I get more questions from the group members, I will add them here, to supply the answers to everyone.